The new reloadable prepaid Visa card in Canada

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    No credit check required
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    Reload funds easily online
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    Load with Interac e-Transfer®
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    No annual fee

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XEPPT Wallet
The eWallet of Canada

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    Real-time access to your digital wallet and accounts

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    Make faster payments and transfers

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    Global spending in any currency at low fees

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    Accept payments from all over the world

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    Cash-back rewards and loyalty programs

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    Lending programs available soon

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Make and receive everyday payments with lower fees and fewer headaches.


Instant access to funds from anywhere in the world.


Transfer funds and make payments securely and quickly.


Accept payments of any currency with lower fees.

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The New Way to Pay

Never worry about not having cash or forgetting your credit card again. With an XEPPT Wallet and XEPPT Card, you have access to all your accounts at all times.

Sync your XEPPT Wallet with credit and debit cards, accept e-transfers and direct deposit, even connect with your employer’s payroll.

Spend however you want, in any currency, with low conversion fees. Plus, you get access to exclusive travel and loyalty rewards and credit financing options.

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Never Miss Out on a Sale

Accept and receive payments from customers worldwide with no added fees and hold your funds in your digital wallet. As an XEPPT payment partner, you can start receiving payments immediately through e-transfer, direct deposit, or QR code processing.

XEPPT is an approved partner of Visa, and we take your security seriously, ensuring you don’t have to worry about fraudulent e-commerce transactions.

Offer installment payment programs for XEPPT customers, and we’ll pick up the bill upfront. With customer loyalty rewards and the ability to expand your business, what’s not to love about XEPPT?

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Whether you need a Canadian travel prepaid card or a reloadable prepaid card for daily use, you can count on our XEPPT Card solutions. Spend your money when and where you want using the physical and virtual XEPPT Card options.

Simplify Travel, Shopping,
Spending with XEPPT

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    Setup your XEPPT account

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    Load your XEPPT card

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    Start spending and get notified instantly of payment confirmation: online, in-store, transfer, deposit

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    Automatically reload Your XEPPT wallet from a synced account

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    Gain rewards and the chance for free purchases on any transaction


About the XEPPT
Digital Payment App

XEPPT was designed to make it easier for Canadians to access and manage their money. With a focus on flexibility and security, XEPPT helps buyers and merchants get the most out of their everyday transactions with a frictionless payment experience and reduced fees.

Spend and receive funds from anywhere and have peace of mind that you have instant access to all your funds at any time with XEPPT.


secure payments every time

XEPPT employs cutting-edge online security measures to protect its banking partners, merchants, and consumers.

With decades of payment processing experience and together with its technology partners, XEPPT is able to help you avoid risks as well as the fees related to unauthorized charges.

Support When You Need It

XEPPT is proud to provide 24-hour, 365-day customer care support for both consumers and merchants by phone, text, email, and chat.

Our support agents are always here to answer questions and help with issues ranging from card charges, delivery concerns, deposits, and accounting.

Do more with XEPPT


Fast, easy and secure global money transfers to Canada and across the world.


Bringing end-to-end visibility and transparency to both local and cross-border payments.


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