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A reloadable Visa card designed to meet all your needs.

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    Reload funds easily online

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    Load with Interac e-Transfer®

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    Track your spending easily with the XEPPT dashboard

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    More payment options

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    Security VPN to protect transactions

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    No credit check

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    No annual fee

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    Virtual and physical reloadable Visa cards

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Load up your card

Transfer funds to your XEPPT Card from your bank accounts through our online platform and XEPPT Wallet.

Shop anywhere Visa is accepted

Use your reloadable Visa card in Canada, the US and worldwide while receiving protection against unauthorized use.

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Reload Funds conveniently

You can easily reload your XEPPT Visa prepaid card online using your Visa, Debit card, Interac e-Transfer or your XEPPT Wallet, meaning you can do it securely, anytime and anywhere.
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Cash Back Rewards

Earn up to 3% cash back at over 58,000 retailers worldwide, plus a $50 welcome bonus and travel perks. You get tons of value — without having to pay an annual fee!
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Giving You More Payment Options

You can use your XEPPT Card directly with any payee that accepts Visa for payment.

Safe and fast to use, so you don’t have to worry about your prepaid card security, even when shopping online and abroad.
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Easy-to-Use Digital Wallet App

Track your spending conveniently using our intuitive and user-friendly XEPPT dashboard.

You can also set up helpful alerts so you can manage your financial health better.
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Easy to Apply

No need for a credit check. Our XEPPT prepaid Visa card will not affect your credit score or credit history. We simply verify your identity and confirm that you are a Canadian resident.
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Open a free XEPPT account


Submit basic personal information and pay a one-time fee of $7 for a physical card


XEPPT card will be delivered to you within 2-4 business days

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We employ cutting-edge online security measures to protect our banking partners, merchants, and consumers.


Global funds tracking

We provide global fund tracking to safeguard your money, eliminate risk of loss of funds.


Safeguard privacy and data

We protect your details through strict standards and 2FA.


Support when you need it

We provide 24/7 customer care support.


Security VPN to protect transactions

Free access to NordVPN to add extra layer of security for all transactions and protect yourself from spying eyes.


Got questions? We have answers here.

How is XEPPT Prepaid Visa Card different from other prepaid cards?
XEPPT is a reloadable prepaid Visa card that you can order from us and use anywhere Visa is accepted. You can load and reload it online and start using it right away at both retail and online e-commerce merchants. Visit now to get started!
Is XEPPT the same as a bank account with a debit card?
No, XEPPT is a reloadable Prepaid Visa Card and Digital Wallet that is independent of your bank account. You can store money on it but will not earn interest. You cannot connect your bank account to your XEPPT card; however, with the Direct Deposit Tracking functionality, you will have the ability to monitor and manage direct deposits going into accounts, initiate e-transfers/EFTs from external Financial Institutions to post directly to your XEPPT card – effectively seeing all of your transactions and performing an auto-top-up to your XEPPT card.
What happens if my XEPPT Prepaid Visa Card is lost or stolen?
Log into your XEPPT portal and immediately LOCK your card.  Contact us right away at 1-844-363-7191 if your card is lost or stolen. Once you've reported your lost or stolen Prepaid XEPPT Card and LOCKED the card through the app or by calling us, we'll cancel it and move any leftover funds to a new card you provide. If your card is lost or stolen, we can send you a replacement card for the remaining amount minus a replacement cost. Note: Full reimbursement of any fraudulent charges is provided through the Visa’s Zero Liability Policy. We reserve the right to review any disputed charges based on our risk policy.
How do I set up my PIN?
After registering your card online, call us at 1-866-221-1002 and follow the instructions to activate your card and set up the PIN. Do not share your XEPPT card PIN with anyone. Keep it private. Keep it safe.
How do I safely use my XEPPT Prepaid Visa Card to shop online?
Get started by signing up for an XEPPT account and adding your card. Name, postal address, telephone number, and email address are just some of the pieces of information we'll need from you. This safeguards your account from fraudulent activities on the internet (something no one desires). The Zero Liability safeguards of the card network will protect you against fraudulent charges and losses. If you don't register your card ahead of time, it will be impossible for a mail or phone order business to verify your identification. Even if there is adequate money on your card, the sale might be declined without this verification.
Can I receive refunds or payouts to my XEPPT Reloadable Prepaid Visa Card?
Absolutely! According to specified conditions and guidelines, a store may issue a credit or debit to your Reloadable Prepaid Visa Card. For further details, please consult our Cardholder Agreement.
How do I reload my XEPPT Card?
1. Sign in to your XEPPT portal and choose Reload.
2. You can reload from your bank account, credit card or Interac e-Transfer.
What are the limits and fees for my XEPPT Prepaid Visa Card?
Please refer to our XEPPT Card Pricing Page for the latest information
How can I use XEPPT to pay my bills?

You can choose between two bill payment options when using XEPPT:

1. Any merchant that accepts Visa can be paid with your XEPPT card.

2. When logged into the XEPPT member site, you'll have access to our brand-new Bill Payment functionality.

Note: An XEPPT card that can be reloaded must be linked to your account before you can begin using our service. You will not be able to make a purchase or make a payment if your card is LOCKED.

Can I schedule my bill to be paid on a future date?
Yes! On the day you choose, your money will be processed and sent to the intended party. Remember that the payee will require at least two business days to process your bill payment to prevent late fees. Today's scheduled payments must be made or cancelled before tonight's deadline of 10 PM EST.
Is "pay at the pump" functionality available with the XEPPT Reloadable Prepaid Visa?
Some gas stations will take prepaid cards within the shop but not at the pump due to the pre-authorization process that is required for petrol transactions. For those reasons it's often best to take your card inside the gas station and pay at the counter. For further information, contact your preferred gas station.

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